Anupama Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, Latest News and Written Updates

Anupama Realse Date:

Anupamaa is a Hindi TV drama that officially came out on Star Plus in July 2020.

Anupama Plot Story:

The reason behind its popularity is that its story contains some themes of social issue discussion, mother love, and the role of single middle-class women in society. All these things make this serial more interesting and exclusive because of its story and the selection of its cast. The creator of this serial is Romesh Karla and the producer is Ranjeev Shahi under the Director’s Kut production.

Anupama Serial Cast And Main Role:

In this Indian serial, you can see a lot of Indian dama actors and actresses that make this serial hit because of their performance. The main role in this serial was Anupamma which was played by Rupali Ganguly. The other stars like Madalsa Sharma played the role of Kavya Shah, Gaurav Khanna played the role of Anuj Kapadia, and many others.

Anupama Written Updates With Full Storyline:

Anupamaa is a story of a woman who had to face a lot of challenges In society and in her family to stick together all of them. Anupama Shah was a middle-aged selfless married woman who had three kids. She loves her family very much and always prefers them to her self. She was the best mother and wife she did everything to make them happy and feel good. She also supported them financially and did all the house jobs but after all these things she was never appreciated for her work, she was always judged by her loved ones except her youngest son Sameer.

He supports her in all matters and studies in the twelfth class. Anupamaa considered her husband a stick and hard man and when she came to know about his affair with her best friend, Kavya. Then she was totally surprised and wanted to end all the things.

After that, she wanted to separate from that family because she had no more interest in that family because they always ignored her. After that she demanded a divorce from her husband and her youngest son Sameer supported her and then went with her mother where they started their lives from start and did all things on their own after some years, Anupama and Sameer’s hard work brought out the fruit that they were able to build an academy and a café of their own.

After that, their lives started to change and then a businessman met with Anupamee in her café. Abhishek. He got interested in Anupamaa and wanted to go out with her and she talked to her son about this Sameer got too happy to hear that she finally moved on and he supported her to go on a date with him. After a few months, Abhishak wanted to marry her and for that, he proposed to her and married each other.

Anupama Upcoming Twist:

The upcoming twist and gossip in this serial is that Anupamaa came to know about his reality that he was married before and wanted to marry her because he wanted a kid from her and then left her like he did with others. After that, she wanted to get separated from him. To watch all of these serial episodes stay in touch with us justdramas.

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