Chookar Mere Mann Ko

Chookar Mere Mann Ko is a popular Indian TV serial that came out on the Indian National channel of DD. The main purpose of this serial is to convey social messages to the public to awaye them. this serial was created by Rahul Butt. The cast of this serial won the hearts of their audience with their performance.


The story of Chookar Mere Mann Ko serial is a story of three village girls Tiya, Alvira, and Pari. These girls wanted to go to Mumbai to improve their lives and for the sake of jobs. For this, they came there and then started to live in the house of an old couple who lost their son in a car accident and then they started their lives there. A businessman wanted to buy the place where the house of the couple located and wanted to build a mail there.


To watch all the episodes of this serial stay in touch with us on our website justdramas and enjoy for free. For that, he forced them to sell that house but they never wanted to sell it because they had a lot of memories related to their son in that house and then Pari took this matter to court and won the case