Parineeti Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, and Latest News

Parineeti Reals Date:

This is one of the best Indian dramas released on Colors TV on February 14, 2022, and always airs with surprising and exclusive twists in the story.

Parineeti Plot Story:

The ubiquity of this serial is because of its interesting concept of the story and highlighting the social issue a middle-class family must confront nowadays. The producers of this serial are Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. The appearance was reported by Ekta Kapoor. It tells the story of two best companions who are hitched to the same man due to their fate.

Parineeti Serial Cast And Main Role:

This serial is very famous for their heart-melting performance and their connection with the characters in this story.The serial stars Anchal Sahu, Tanvi Dogra and Ankur Verma. They perform and numerous other Indian on-screen characters play their parts in this serial.

Parineeti Written Updates With Full Storyline:

            This serial tells the story of two best companions who are hitched to the same man due to their predetermination in the Parineeti. After some twists, Pari finds out that Neeti is pregnant with Rajeev’s child. In this way, she demands the Bajwa family to acknowledge Neeti. As Rajeev feels blameworthy, he tries to apologise to Pari, but she rejects his statement of regret. After Neeti endures unsuccessful labor and finds she can now not get to be a mother, Pari chooses to end up here and Rajeev’s surrogate mother and continues to dwell within the Bajwa house.

Neeti is waiting for Sanju, and Bebe asks why she is worried. Neeti says I did all this to make Pari die but now I’m worried for Sanju. Bebe said he ran towards her and didn’t stop when you asked him to. Neeti says if Pari dies today then tomorrow I will marry Sanju. Bebe says what if Pari gets saved today. Neet says she has to die. Bebe says what if Sanju gets hurt. He went to save her and didn’t come out until he saved her. Neeti says she will lose today, she has to die at any cost. Pari wakes up and sees Sanju unconscious next to her, she asks him to wake up and finds them surrounded by fire. She pulled him from there.

Pami prays for Sanju and Pari. She tells the Lord that Pari has never done anything bad to anyone, so why does she keep hurting herself? You must save my children, please protect them. I’m worried about Paris.

 After a while Sanju inquires about Pari on the off chance that she is affirmed. She says I can’t breathe. He says don’t stress, we are going to take off from here before long. He covers her from fire and gazes at her. She considers why he continuously puts his life in danger to spare me when we don’t have any relationship. Sanju holds her hand and picks her up. She considers I would have misplaced trust by presently but when he is with me, I feel a sense of trust and quality to battle any fight.

Upcoming Twist And Latest News:

To observe all the energising points of interest and up-and-coming scenes of this arrangement, you must interface with us on our site Justdramas and appreciate them for gratis. After some time, this serial twists and Sanju picks up Pari and tries to take her out of the burning kitchen but a pillar falls on them and he faints.

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