Udaariyaan Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, Latest News and Written Updates

Udaariyaan Realse Date:

Udaariyaan is a popular Indian romantic TV serial that aired on Colors TV in March 2021.

Udaariyaan Plot Story:

This serial attracted a lot of attention because of its unique story concept. This serial was also present on Ott plat form like JIoCinema but you can watch this serial free on our website. This serial was directed and created by Uttam Bhatia and the producers of this serial are Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey.

Udaariyaan Serial Cast, with their Real Names And Main Roles:

In this serial many indian Bright stars are present that gain a very high attraction to them because of their performance in this serial. You can see the main role of Tejo was played by Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and the role of Fateh was played by Ankit Gupta, who played various roles in various Indian serials. The role of Jasmine was played by Twinkle Arora. You can also see many other stars in this serial like Sunny Arora, Alisha Parveen, Anuraj Chahal, and many others.

Udaariyaan Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of the Udaariyan serial begins with the lives of three best friends and two of them were sisters. Jasmine Tejo and their friend Fateh. Fateh was a hardworking boy and he wanted to help his family and kinda improve their lives with his dreams. Jasmine wanted to come true her dream of going to Canada in any case. While on the other hand, Teo wanted to help her family and make them happy. Fateh is in love with Jasmine and she also likes him and their families agreed on their marriage. Tejo also likes Fateh secretly but never shows up to him because he is in relation with her sister.

On the day of the wedding, Jasmine ran because she came to know about a chance of going to Canada and left everything behind. This makes her family embrace and then her father requests her other daughter Tejo to marry Fateh for the sake of both family’s honor. After that, they got married and then they started to fall for each other the next few months everything went very nicely then Jasmine came out again in that family and then Married Fateh‘s younger brother Kartik and after 2 years, she got pregnant with Kartik baby but Kartik died in a car accident and then she left that baby at the hospital and went to the canda to start her new life.

Fateh and Tejo came to know about the whole matter then they took that baby home and started to take care of her like her own daughter and gave her name Nehmat. After a few more years, Jasmine came back with her daughter Naaz. And then they came to know about her daughter. Tejo died in an accident and after that, Fateh left the country and went to London where he met a woman who exactly looked like Tejo, and then he got married to her.

Upcoming Twists and Gossip, About This Serial:

In the upcoming story you can see a twist in the story is that after 15 years, All the members of that family came close to each other and then all died in a bomb attack. Naaz survived this situation and then started her life alone.
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